Design with metal - unlimited application possibilities

| Metal has increasingly become an element of interior design. Whether in architecture, in living room design, in shop fitting, in industrial furniture or in the application for product design:
Metal is extremely versatile and stands for very high-quality appearances.

Barbican Shop mit Metall Interieur Metal application in the Barbican Shop // London

The metallized surfaces offer shop owners, interior decorators, architects, interior designers and industrial designers a variety of options for creative, individual designs. The sprayable metals can be processed seamlessly and are ideal for three-dimensional objects. Since the metallic coatings are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use, there are innumerable uses.

INNOMetal® GmbH produces real metal coatings, which consist of 95% metal powder. The liquid metals can be painted and filled and can be applied to almost any surface. After surface metallization, INNOMetal® has all the properties of cast metal, both visually and in terms of gloss and heat conduction.

We want to show you the creative possibilities metallizations offer, where they are already used, and hope that this page can be a source of inspiration for your imagination and creativity. The management of INNOMetal® has more than 30 years of experience in the field of chemistry and coatings. With new and optimized products, the success story is continuing.



| INNOMetal® offers you completely new possibilities in product design and for finished products, as the metal coatings can be applied quickly, inexpensively and seamlessly.

A variety of metal types and different finishes make the surfaces look matt, shiny, textured, rusty or patinated, depending on the work involved. The InnoMetal surfaces have all the properties of solid, massive metal in terms of look and feel.

INNOMetal® products are available as sprayable and puttable. Water- and solvent-based product lines are offered.

The following metal types are available:



White Bronze

Middle Aged Bronze




Brown Brass




Reflex S01



Stainless Steel



How to do the metal coating

Application of InnoMetal products

| Spraying is the best method of application. But also roll up, spatulate or casting are possible.

The individual components metal, binder and MEKP are weighed and then mixed very well. The mixture can be processed for about 30-60 minutes depending on the temperature. The job can then be e.g. in a standard painting process using a HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray gun. At an air pressure of approx. 1.3 to 2.5 bar, the spray gun is applied to the object without swiveling movements with 50% overlap. The aim is to apply a flat, homogeneous layer to minimize the expense of subsequent grinding work. The layer thickness is approx. 80μ to 180μm during the coating process. For the putty process 800μ to several millimeters.

The drying can be carried out at room temperature for 12 hours at at least 19° Celsius or for 60 minutes at about 40° Celsius.

Subsequently, the reaction layer is removed with fine steel wool or by sandblasting the grain size 240. The metal surface can now be ground and polished as desired. The usage of patinas is also possible.

If the surfaces needs be protected against oxidation and aging, the sealers offered by INNOMetal® can be applied.


Chances for Sales Partner

INNOMetal® offers you chances worldwide.

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Spraying, grinding and polishing

Training - coating process in our training center

| In order to convey the manifold possibilities of INNOMetal®, we offer education in our training center in Paderborn.


The training program provides you with all the necessary information regarding the preparation of the objects to be processed as well as the spraying process. Since the finish of the surfaces is crucial to the final look, it takes up much of the course in time. Following the training, you will receive an INNOMetal® license. You can also bring and coat your own objects for the training.


The courses take place individually according to customer requirements. Please call us for an appointment. In addition to the certificate from INNOMetal® GmbH you will also receive a comprehensive manual in which you can read all the information provided during the course once again in peace.


When using INNOMetal® in different projects experience shows that further questions arise. You can contact our technicians at any time after the training and receive unlimited competent technical support.

The answers to your questions

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is Innometal?

INNOMetal® is a coating that can be applied to almost any surface in a cold and fluid state. INNOMetal® is therefore neither an electroplating process nor a powder coating.

2. On which surfaces is InnoMetal applicable?

INNOMetal® can be applied to almost all surfaces, be it wood, MDF, plastic, mineral substrates, fiberglass, ceramics, concrete, foam, porcelain, glass.

3. How should the underground be prepared?

INNOMetal® products have a mechanical adhesion. The surfaces should be sanded with 100 grit to achieve optimal adhesion. A primer is generally recommended.

4. How is InnoMetal applied?

You can apply INNOMetal® in a standard painting process such as HVLP (high volume low pressure). But all products can also be applied with a paint roller. Filling and pouring the material is also possible.

5. How many layers and how thick is InnoMetal applied?

The spraying of only one layer and this in a thickness of about 90μ - 180μ is sufficient. But you can also apply thicker layer thicknesses, if desired. The puttable material can be applied up to several millimeters thick.

6. How much material do I need for the surface?

This depends on the application method and the type of metal. In the painting process you need about 500-800 grams/m². For a putty job it can be 800-1500gr m².

7. How is the drying done?

The applied metal coating can be dried at room temperature within 12 hours. An acceleration over drying in the oven for 2 hours at about 40° Celsius or with the help of heating lamps is also possible.

8. Do the InnoMetal coatings have to be processed after drying?

After applying the coating, you can rub the surface briefly with steel wool or work with 240 grit sandpaper. If you want smooth and polished surfaces, you grind the surface down to 1200 or even finer and then polish.

9. How can I protect the surfaces?

If you do not want a discoloration you can seal the surfaces transparently. This can be done with a wax, with a one- or with a two-component clearcoat. Please ask us for recommendations.

10. How strong are the mechanical surfaces?

The INNOMetal® surfaces have excellent bond strength and abrasion values, similar to solid metals. But they are also sensitive to scratching like massive metals. Protectors can be the transparent seals described above.

11. Is InnoMetal suitable for outdoor use?

INNOMetal® coatings can be used outdoors. In weather tests, representing a period of about 30 years, no significant signs of wear were found.

12. What does an InnoMetal kit consist of?

The INNOMetal® kits consist of metal powder and a liquid binder system. For the solvent-containing products, a reaction agent is added. By mixing the metal powder and the binder system, the liquid metal is formed.

13. Where can I buy InnoMetal?

Please contact us. We will then name the respective dealer in your country or near you.